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What’s your story?

What’s your story? Not enough time? Too tired? Training and diet just don’t work for you? I’ve heard all of these quite recently...

When it comes to dropping a few pounds or getting in shape, one thing is for sure - we need to follow a strategy. Then again, even when we have the correct information, we sometimes still don’t make any ground. Mostly this is because of the story we are telling ourselves.

A client of mine who was struggling to find time to work out suddenly found that she had enrolled into a 10k run when initially she thought she had signed up for a 5k! The funny thing is, beforehand she could barely find the time to fit in a single session outside of the personal training session she had with me once a week.

The story went, ”I just don’t have time” or ”I’m way too tired after work, it just won’t happen”. The thought of having to run a 10k was a bit of a shock to her system and the turning point where everything changed. Not wanting to let herself down, she found that actually, she could fit in every single training session necessary to complete that 10k, which then resulted in her more recently signing up and training for and completing a 10 mile run!

Amazing what we actually can do when we change our story and use a strategy.

Something happens - we create a new state within ourselves, one that challenges the old story and makes anything possible. Ask yourself, what story am I telling myself that is stopping me from achieving my own goals?

What’s your goal and what’s the story?


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