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Boxing offers a fun-filled way to sculpt, tone, raise your fitness and drop the pounds. Boxing for fitness delivers a whole body workout.


Boxers are some of the fittest and most conditioned athletes on the planet and need to be due to the explosive nature of the sport.

By taking all the best aspects of a boxer's training regime, you will get a fantastic workout.


Not only is it a great way to alleviate stress and punch out your frustrations, it also leaves you feeling empowered; increasing your confidence, and strengthening your mind and body simultaneously.


You get all the fitness benefits of a professional boxer without taking any punches!

Mark R Fitness - Boxing Training

One-to-one Boxing Training


One-to-one boxing sessions are a great way to learn to box even if you have never laced up a pair of gloves. As a British Boxing Board Of Control professional boxing coach, I will teach you the basics, beginning with learning the correct stance and balance, footwork techniques and how to move in the ring. I'll teach you how to throw your punches, and how to use defence, from controlling the distance to blocking and slipping punches up to more advanced techniques, like setting up attacks, counter punching, setting traps and more.

Boxing sessions can be held at your home, within a gym or in a local park.

Fitness Levels


The great thing about boxing is you can begin at any fitness level and take each step at the correct pace. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you will progress and improve in all aspects, whilst losing weight, toning up and feeling fitter and stronger.

What kit do you need?


Boxing gloves, hand wraps, a bottle of water and a small towel.

Boxing is one of the best ways to get in great shape. The time will fly and you won’t feel like you’re working out due to the session being so much fun while learning to “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”.

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