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Introducing my new online training and weight loss plan for women navigating the menopause

If you are experiencing the challenges of perimenopause or menopause and want to regain vitality, improve fitness and manage weight effectively, please check out my Menopause online training and weight loss plan. It is tailored specifically for perimenopausal and menopausal women, and is designed to address the unique needs of this phase of life.

A holistic approach for hormonal balance

At the core of my program is a holistic approach to wellness, encompassing both physical training and nutritional guidance. My app delivers structured strength and fitness programs ensuring you don’t overtrain, which is crucial in preventing burnout. The sessions are designed to maintain hormonal equilibrium, preventing fluctuations that can exacerbate menopausal symptoms.

Real time monitoring for optimal health

I employ continuous blood glucose monitoring, providing real-time insights into your metabolic health. By balancing blood sugar levels, reducing insulin resistance and mitigating inflammation, you will pave the way for sustainable weight management and enhanced energy levels.

Weekly group coaching calls

This all comes together with weekly group coaching calls. These group calls offer a platform to address queries and receive education on hormones, calories, and managing insulin resistance. Additionally, private life coaching is available to tackle any obstacles hindering your progress.

Lifestyle transformation through empowerment

The goal is not just to facilitate temporary changes but to empower you with tools and knowledge for long-term lifestyle transformation. Whatever your starting fitness levels are, by gradually implementing training and nutritional adjustments that are just right for you, I aim to help you regain energy, shed excess weight and embrace vitality.


With a comprehensive online training and weight loss plan, navigating menopause can become a transformative experience, empowering you to reclaim control over your health and happiness.


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