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New year fitness tip: review your rituals

Happy New Year!

Hopefully you had a wonderful Christmas, and you relaxed and ate and drank to your heart’s content. Now we should be ready to get ourselves in gear and begin to make 2017 a fit and healthy one!

To get you started, I have a top tip for you.

Take a look at your rituals; the things you do on a daily basis. I believe that our rituals define us. You have a certain standard, a belief about who you are and then you perform daily rituals to meet that standard. Results we create usually come from the little things we do on a daily basis. That’s how we create a result or make progress.

Think about it, whatever we do on a regular basis will create a result, be it eating biscuits, bread and cheese, drinking alcohol, or consuming too much sugar. I mean look at how we are feeling after only two weeks of good living. Clothes feeling a little tight? Feeling sluggish?

So my tip is to take a really good look at your daily rituals and address these accordingly. Get your training sessions into your diary, be aware of what you are actually consuming, and get a good training and diet plan to make this happen.

Let's make 2017 a fit, strong and healthy year!


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