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Inside the camp of London boxer, Ben Day

After a tough but enjoyable eight week camp, fight night was finally upon us: Saturday 28 April 2012. Ben Day was about to step into the ring for the third time in a professional boxing match.

We started the journey with Ben’s weight at around 148 lbs and as usual we began with a detox for 10 days where he cut out alcohol, caffeine, sugar, wheat, gluten and red meat. This was to clean and energise his system, giving him the best platform to begin his training; also to cut out any cravings he may have.

He then began to consume a very clean diet of chicken, fish, eggs and vegetables. The trick was to be sure he was eating enough carbohydrates to fuel the intense workout schedule while simultaneously dropping weight.

We tweaked this as he went along, monitoring his energy levels and his weight on a daily basis.

Supplement-wise, we opted for the Usana product for their pharmaceutical grade supplements. As a boxer, Ben needs to develop each strength component, as in speed, power, endurance, and the explosive fitness levels needed for the fight game; this, together with traditional boxing workouts focusing on skill work and sparring.

With a good eye on where we were in the eight week program, we worked closely, listening to his body, implementing and building on each component. It’s amazing to see the improvements week to week; this really showed in his sparring the stronger and fitter he became, the more relaxed he got as the rounds went on. Conditioning being the “key that keeps his tool box open” he was able to execute his skills.

This camp went really well. We had a week's taper, working on skills and keeping the sessions short and intensive. His weight was a perfect 140 lbs a day before the fight. He won his third professional fight with a third round TKO! As he predicted, three was the magic number!

Once again, it was a pleasure to be his conditioning coach and corner man, sharing his journey in the professional fight game.


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