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"I have never EVER been that fit" - Ben Day, professional boxer

Boxer  in the ring after winning fight
I have never ever been that fit

I am a professional boxer and Mark did my strength and conditioning for my pro debut. He was with me every day for 8 weeks and got me into peak fitness condition, with the conditioning different every day. 

I was super fit, which showed in my sparring and the actual fight. With Mark's attitude and constant research during preparation, he helped me become victorious. I even had a hamstring injury and felt like pulling out because I thought that to be fit you had to run. Now I know different; with Mark's training methods, I didn't even run once and I was the fittest I’ve ever been.

But more important than all of the above is loyalty and trust. In my game you have to trust in your trainer as boxing can be a brutal sport so I trust him with my life and to me that is very important to have in my camp.

I would love to continue to work with Mark for as long as possible and am lucky to have made a true friend.

Ben Day, professional boxer


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