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"I am so pleased to work with you and recommend anyone to give you and biomechanics a go" - Loraine

I had never heard of biomechanics. I am so pleased I have now.

Working with Mark has relieved so much pain and stiffness. I have so much more movement, it is incredible. Several years back (despite having suffered in a car accident, some arthritis setting in, along with other issues) I would run occasional half marathons, do weight training and generally feel fit.

Then an injury, followed by a disk misalignment compounded by the ageing process, pain set in. I threw away my high heels, went to flats, but still had pain and seemingly a peculiar walk impacted by the constant pain. Even though I used my mindfulness techniques to accept, live with and deal with the pain management, the thought of being pain free had not really been realistic at that point.

Then came Mark and biomechanics. It was a surprise to find legs of different length, pelvis that was almost fixed and cooked with very little flexibility in my limbs. Mark took me through a variety of movements. To be honest, the first session, even with his clear follow up emails and “how to” clips, didn’t fill me with much hope. I mean just holding your hand against your knee at a 20% pressure, how was that going to work? Surely it needed more?

How wrong. Just after that first week, I was sleeping without pain killers as the hip was pain free. Movement was slightly better. And now several weeks later, there is no pain in the hip, movement has increased to such an extent I don’t really think about it and joy of joys, I can enjoy my walking netball without pain or stiffness.

Mark - I cannot thank you enough. Your encouragement, your knowledge and your skills have really impacted improvement to my day to day being. I am so pleased to work with you and recommend anyone to give you and biomechanics a go.

Lorraine Lewis Midda


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