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How to get toned arms

We are having a wonderful summer, and women around London are getting plenty of use out of those strappy dresses, swim wear and t-shirts. The last thing you want is flabby untoned arms. If you are self-conscious of your arms, do not worry as there are a few simple steps to get shapely, toned arms.

There are a few reasons why some women may develop 'bingo wings'. Firstly genetics would play a part in whether you may store excess fat on the upper back of your arm or not. So a healthy balanced diet is most important to help gain shapely arms, being that you cannot choose where you lose fat from when losing weight so a healthy diet is key to a more toned body.

When we are younger, we naturally have more lean muscle; this is a quality of youth. As we age, our arms - for instance - may stay the same size or get bigger with the muscle actually shrinking and a layer of fat getting bigger covering the muscle. It is the fat that wobbles!

So in essence, we need less fat and leaner toned muscle. The more we use a muscle the more toned it becomes.

So how do we turn back the clock and gain those lean toned arms for summertime?

Here are a few exercises perfect for toning and strengthening those triceps muscles.


The tricep muscle on the back of the upper arm is a muscle which naturally doesn’t get too much use. It’s the muscle which is used when we push. Push-ups are a perfect exercise which burn a lot of calories and target the back of the upper arms. These can be done as a half press up resting on your knees using your knees a pivot if a full press up is too difficult.

Tricep Dips

Tricep dips are another great exercise to target the back of the arms. Sitting on a chair or a bench, place your hands palms down on the edge of the chair or bench about shoulder width apart. Move your bottom off the bench, keeping your knees bent; and keeping your elbows pointing to the back of the chair, slowly lower yourself down toward the floor bending your arms as you lower. Push yourself back up and straighten your arms, and repeat.


A boxing for fitness workout is another great way to gain slender toned arms. Working with a trainer punching the pads is a fantastic way to burn the calories, lose the fat and tone up those arms.

So with plenty more days of summer to come, it’s the perfect time to begin a healthy diet and start to tone those arms with some simple strength exercises.

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