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Achieving new levels of fitness with personal training

Busy professional women from Marylebone to South Woodford are taking their energy and fitness to new levels – while achieving a body that is the envy of their friends – in as little as two hours per week. How do they do it? By hiring me – a highly skilled personal trainer – to arrive at their front door and start training. The results have even surprised me...

For women with a hectic lifestyle, it is the perfect solution to fitting a training session into the daily schedule. Taking their personal goals into account, I tailor my clients’ sessions specifically to their needs. The sessions take place outdoors in the summer months and in their homes during the winter.

There is very little equipment used within a session, so space is not an issue. An effective session can be performed in a front room or a local facility if this is more suitable when the weather gets too cold.

I am a top level personal trainer, sports therapist, strength and conditioning coach and also a professional boxing and bio mechanics coach. This combination is a unique blend of training techniques which enables me to include body weight strength training using TRX equipment, HIIT type conditioning, along with boxing drills and sprint training in my individual sessions.

As a result, my clients are basically training using the methods an athlete would use but in a way which is tailored to their individual needs. These training methods also mean the ladies can begin at whatever the fitness level is appropriate for them.

Because the trainer comes to the client and the session intensity is based on how the client is feeling on that particular day, sessions are rarely missed and results are proving to be quite outstanding for the time put in.

So while many continue to pay for unused gym memberships or generic training routines which bring mediocre results, individual training at home is the secret strategy which brings my clients constant compliments on how great they look each time they go out. All this is achieved within as little as two hours per week, which not only makes my clients feel good but also makes me feel great as a trainer!


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