Are you off the rails and gaining unwanted pounds for Christmas

What to do when you are “off the rails” and  life is getting in the way of your health and fitness goals.

I get it, the countless invites, free drinks, canapés, late nights, early mornings, long night shifts, long day shifts, comfort eating and worse junk food.

Welcome to the party season or for some life in general.

It’s frustrating I know, so over the next few weeks I will be giving you a few tips on how we can make a change, roll with the punches and come out winning without locking ourselves away with a team of trainers and dietitians

Three tips.

1) Stop trying to diet after a binge, a diet is not what we need to be on. We need to fuel our bodies, so don’t restrict calories because by doing this, yes at first we lose weight, but we also lose muscle. This slows our metabolism. Diets are not sustainable and we end up gaining more weight.

2) Refocus on the vision of what you want to look and feel like, once you have this image in your mind or as a picture, keep reminding yourself of it. Make it your screensaver on your mobile and laptop.

3) Get clear on the reasons why, why you want this?

We all need a reason to do anything, without a clear focus/ vision and a good strong reason you are moving with the current and life will take you wherever it wants to. Which usually means a few pounds heavier, increased belly fat and clothes that won’t fit

That’s all for now, the next steps will follow over the next few weeks