Working out but the weight is just not coming off?

Are you stuck?

In my last post we talked a little about diet and why being in a calorie deficit is needed when it comes to reducing body fat.

The other part of the equation is training, so let’s take a look at the basics and what you need to consider.

Firstly your training sessions need to be varied and include both strength and cardiovascular work, either done separately or in each session.

As long as you keep both your healthy diet and training regime up then you will create results. If you do less training or go off the rails where your diet is concerned of course you’ll reverse all your efforts.

So what happens then when you reach a place and it’s not quite where you want to be, your training and diet is no longer creating the changes they once were, what can we do? When weight loss or changing your body composition is the main objective, you need to make sure your training plan is progressive. Meaning as you get fitter and stronger, you then need do more as in either a number of sessions, increase the duration or the intensity of your training sessions, there are many variables one can change to keep the results going in the right direction

We can make adjustments to one or the other or both, the diet and the training strategy.

That’s why a properly structured training program is essential, otherwise, you may just find yourself doing the same old thing and reach a place where you feel stuck.

Once you understand the way your body works and how to make the desired changes within your training schedule and diet, it’s a skill you will always have.

Need some help?  Any questions just ask!