Personal Trainer, both in person and Online, Based in South Woodford, and London

One of London’s best personal trainers, conditioning coaches, boxing trainers & Biomechanic specialists based in South Woodford E18, Chigwell IG10, Marylebone W1H, and the general London area. Delivering both in-person and online sessions

  • Increase energy and vitality

  • Lose weight

  • Tone up

  • Banish low back, knee and shoulder pain

  • Move more freely

  • Improve performance

If you are looking for London personal training or a biomechanics coach look no further

Whether you want to feel full of life and look great on the beach, to ease non specific low back, knee or shoulder pain or need a conditioning coach for an upcoming sporting event, my personal training, biomechanic and sports therapy methods, together with your efforts, will get you there fast.

Get fit your way

As your personal trainer you have my full focus and support. I will design an individual personal training program for you in which each session is planned and will flow and change according to you on that particular day all the while building toward your goal whether we are in your home, athletics centre , boxing gym or having a London personal training session in a park. All you need to do is turn up!

Step out with confidence

When it comes to personal training you have reached one of London’s best personal trainers, boxing trainer,  biomechanics coach, and sports therapist.

I will commit to helping you achieve your personal health and fitness goals, whether these relate to personal training for weight loss, personal training for general fitness, functional strength training, and conditioning or simply how to get a six-pack and look great and feel stronger. My approach is to customise personal training programs for an individual with a specific outcome in mind.  In addition to developing strategies for your personal fitness, I will be providing supportive nutritional advice, educating you on health and fitness, and listening to your personal needs and wants.

Knowing your exact goals,  I will work with you to enable you to achieve the results you want. The program will be specifically tailored to your level and monitored from session to session according to your physical and emotional strength on that particular day.

As well as being one of  London’s best personal trainers  I am also a qualified boxing trainer and biomechanics coach. I am passionate about using the knowledge and personal training techniques that I have gained from years of working with boxing professionals to inform my personal training programs for regular clients at all levels. Many of my existing clients have been amazed and delighted by the results we have achieved so for those who are interested in using these innovative techniques, I am happy to incorporate boxing training into their personal plan.

The emphasis will always be on you and your needs – your fitness is my business!

London Personal training Sessions will range from:

  • Strength work to help achieve a stronger, leaner more toned sculpted body

  • Fitness and conditioning work to melt away body fat, improve your endurance and lift your overall fitness levels

  • Boxing training a tremendously fun way to shed the pounds and get super fit while improving your speed, coordination, and fitness while learning techniques from the art and sweet science of boxing

All London personal training sessions will be based in a state of the art athletics centre in London, within your own home or over zoom

Online training

Delivering 12-week training and nutritional plans specifically tailored week by week so that you reach your goal, all delivered online through an app. Myself being your personal trainer and coach 24/7, guiding you every step of the way. From three to Six specifically designed training sessions per week, which are also written week by week according to your results that week, guaranteeing the best results possible.

Cancer Rehabilitation

As a cancer rehabilitation exercise specialist, I prescribe safe and effective individualised exercise programs using evidence-based guidelines for exercising and staying active during and after cancer treatment to help clients deal with and combat the side effects of cancer and cancer treatments and to aid in a faster recovery

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Each London personal training session will be fun and keep you motivated while sculpting your body to perfection.

E-mail me for more information or to book your sessions at or call me on 07956239690