Prices And Packages

Boxing Bootcamp South Woodford

£92.80, £11.60 per session for 8 sessions to be used within a three month period

Pay as you go option, £15 per session

Personal Training

We begin with a consultation to access your goals, fitness levels, flexibility, strengths and weaknesses, weight and measurements, body fat %. We take all of this information and taking into account your fitness levels and abilities we will create a personalised plan which will quickly move you towards reaching and maintaining your targets. Our approach is to improve your fitness helping you to shed the pounds while gaining a toned and strong body by using functional training methods which include strength, toning, fitness, conditioning and boxing training.

Home/park personal training £60

Within a gym or facility, an additional charge will apply

Boxing Training

Boxing for fitness will deliver a whole body workout and more.  Boxers are some of the fittest and most conditioned athletes on the planet and need to be due to the explosive nature of the sport.

By taking all the best aspects of a boxers training regime you will get a fantastic workout burning a significant amount of calories to melt away body fat promoting weight loss, muscle tone, increased fitness levels, improved coordination, rhythm, balance, and a strong core. Not only is it a great way to alleviate stress and punch out your frustrations, it also leaves clients feeling empowered. Increasing your confidence, strengthening your mind and body simultaneously. Basically, you get all the fitness benefits of a professional boxer without taking any punches. It truly is a very enjoyable way to lose weight, sculpt, tone and get the body you desire.

Home/park personal training £60

Within a gym or facility, an additional charge will apply

Online training plan

Up to six sessions per week specifically designed for you each week to get you into peak fitness, whether your goal is to increase fitness, get stronger, lose weight, or just look fantastic, I’ll be with you every step of the way, tweaking and adjusting both the training and nutrition plan throughout the twelve weeks. I’m with you 24/7 delivering habits coaching, and always on hand to guide you along the way. All in the palm of your hand through an app

Training and diet plan £65 per week

Sports Massage

Massage was first used in the first Olympics Games by the Greeks and the Romans. The Greeks have a saying “Massage can never be fully appreciated by the common man” The common man to whom they referred to was not judged by wealth or social class but a man who lacked athletic grace.

Regular sports massage therapy can help avoid overuse injuries and traumas. Massage should play a very important part in any athletes or recreational sports persons training program. Through massage, we can help remove the build-up of general aches and pains that most sportspersons seem to accept.

A muscle spasm is nothing more than a contraction that has failed to release. Muscles normally spasm to protect other damaged tissue, the more damage the more spasm and the more joint restriction.

Breaking down scar tissue is important as scar tissue can build up in soft tissue such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments and may be present as a result of past injuries and repeated microtrauma. This build-up could conceivably lead to tension and inflexibility. Deep tissue massage will help return normal tissue tension by breaking down scar tissue and adhesions.

Sports massage induces relaxation and works perfectly alongside the biomechanics screening and re-aligning process. The two can work hand in hand to speed up the process towards becoming pain-free, with increased power speed and the ability to move more freely.

sports massage £75 per hour, £150 for two hours

Swedish/ Hawian Massage  £75 per hour, £150 for two hours

Massage packages £70 per session for a booking of 10 sessions

Biomechanic Screening

By going through the screening process and corrective exercises you then allow your muscular skeletal and nervous system to become aligned and free to work which increases core function, speed, power and balance.

£75 per hour, £150 for two hours

Life/Perfromance coaching £75 per hour

For more information on packages and prices please E-mail me at or call me on 07956239690