Making a comeback

Regaining your strength and fitness after a considerable time off from exercise and  normal activity due to illness or injuries is always tough. 

I say you will never know how fit you are until you stop exercising and lose your current fitness level. You will then find yourself saying “I can’t believe I used to do that!”

I once got carried away and let my ego get the better of me while training with another trainer/co-worker. She challenged me to a training competition.  I had not been training that much around that time as I had just got married and I had been preoccupied. As you can guess she kicked my butt! I gave it all I had and I left a pool of sweat on the gym floor. Only for her to laugh at me when I left the gym in a mess. Consequently two days later I left for my honeymoon, I was ill and run down throughout the whole time, not good at all!

These days I always ease myself back into training no matter how much my ego wants me to train like Rocky.

So take it from me a big mistake would be to try and work out to the intensity levels in which you previously used too. Doing so could possibly leave you worn out, deflated, frustrated or worse, ill and unable to exercise for another week or two.

My advice would be to start slowly, build up a good base fitness level and then increase the sessions and intensity from there.

Working with a good personal trainer will help in two ways, firstly with your motivation, as a client of mine recently pointed out that having an appointment with me really helped her not to skip a workout.  As we all know where ”Starting again on Monday” Or ”I’ll do it tomorrow” leads to.

Also a good trainer will know how to deliver a session with just enough intensity in order to keep you increasing your strength and fitness without ever over doing it.

So if you find yourself making a “comeback” keep this in mind.

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