How not to gain weight before Christmas has even begun!

Now the Christmas parties are in full swing, and it’s even tougher to stay on track. Instead of letting it all go until next year, let’s manage it and make it through without totally blowing it.

Hopefully, you have come up with some good strong reasons that will motivate yourself after last week’s blog post, as well as a focus on what it is you want to achieve and how you want look.

So how will we do this?

Three tips

1)      Review both your vision and your reasons on a daily basis, focus on these every morning, before you make your food choices, and at the end of the day

2)      Raise your standards, make it a must. Meaning you become the type of person that consumes a clean healthy diet instead of consuming whatever you can get hold of at lunchtime or for dinner. Instead of a half-hearted effort in between the parties and nights out, give it your all and choose your food the way a person would who has these visions and goals. After all we all have a standard for most things in life, be it the coffee you drink, the restaurant you choose or choose not to go to, the clothes and makeup you use. Thinking about how people set a certain standard, it usually comes down to what we value, or the company we keep, raising or bringing down our standards. So how are you going to raise your standard? If you are not currently  looking and feeling like you would like too, your standards around your eating habits may have quite a lot to do with it.

3)      Get your workouts and planned meals into your schedule, without a good structure to back up and move you your toward vision and goals you are more likely to mess up, a good strategy is what is needed